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Ice Tennis — the New Indoor Winter Sport

���It takes both skill in skating and skill in tennis to make this new game inter- esting. The players serve, drive and volley with much of the same energy and dash which they display on ground or cement courts, skates hindering them only now and then when occasional falls occur. These, however, increase the fun. There is hardly a stroke of the established game which is not employed when playing tennis on ice. The expert skater soon finds that he can play a swifter game on ice than on solid ground. It is generally agreed that singles' play does not offer the possi- bilities of doubles' because the player cannot be quick enough on the ice to cover his field. On the other hand, there is hardly a stroke of the established game which does not have its counterpart on the ic^, and in some cases the driving is even more forceful. The court on which the men play is marked out with painted black lines. The regulation tennis ball is used. At first a squash tennis ball was tried, but it proved to be too fast, even though its corded surface took a better grip on the ice than the lawn tennis ball covering


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