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���A lecturer has charge of the health car and gives an open air session wherever he stops. It has been found possible to show fairly clear pictures even in broad daylight

��Teaching Health Lessons with Auto- mobiles and Motion Pictures

IN order to extend its campaign of educa- tion among school children, the North Carolina State Board of Health is using an automobile that is a veritable moving picture booth on wheels. The car carries a projection machine which can be taken out and placed on the ground so as to throw a picture on any wall. The power is furnished by an engine generator. A large sheet is hung on the wall when the state officials wish to show a motion picture.

The department has its own reels, to point out reforms which it advocates.

A Motor-Manikin Which Waves Its Arms and Yells

YOU have seen those strange little folk that decorate automobile radiators. Well, the inventors have add- ed a new member to the family — a manikin which throws up its arms to indicate the direc- tion to be taken by the car and then shouts menacingly at you. A simple horn attach- ment does the shouting; the arms move in and out by means of magnets.

Claud A. Reese, of Bowling Green, Florida, has devised a manikin with its arms pro- vided with electric lights so that it will work at night.

��When the driver presses a button the figure's arm goes up, and by pressing another button, which operates the horn, the mouth of the manikin opens and he yells realistically.

The arms are fastened to the figure's body with hinges and are operated by a pair of electromagnets. The magnets are placed in the upper parts of the legs in a vertical position so that they carry move- able armatures. Rods connect the arms to the armatures, and when the solenoids, are energized a downward or an upward pull is communicated to each of the arms. With its arm-lamps lighted, the figure makes an impressive appearance, which is sure to be noticed.


��The motor manikin's arms indicate the direction which the car will take as he shrieks a warning. At right is shown the interior mechanism and magnets of the figure

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