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Housekeeping Made Easy

����A handle and lifter of non-rusting metal, for removing the paper covers from milk bottles

���An arm-band for use with the gas or electric iron, or with any tool hav- ing a tube to be kept out of the way

��At right: A burglar- proof galvanized iron delivery box with three com- partments. The weight of the par- cels placed upon a false bottom in the box automatically locks the section

��An aluminum egg- beater that does not waste the con- tents, and is easily cleaned. The gears are machine cut

��At left: The box is fastened to the side of the house just below the window- sill. The top lid is autom a t i c a lly locked or unlocked by the same action which closes or opens the window

��A combination electric cooking utensil, heater and lamp. Metal plates fit in the invert- ed shade for cooking

��A complete egg service consisting of a gilt-lined silver-plated egg- cup, salt and pepper shakers, spoon, and rack from which the china plate is easily detached

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