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Popular Science Monthly


���A new compartment motor- truck with its hydraulic cylinder directly back of the driver's seat

��A New Type of Motor-Truck for Coal Delivery

ONE of the newest types of mo- tor-trucks has its hydrauHc cyHnder directly behind the driver's seat, within the body itself. An- other important feature is that when elevated the body is compelled to remain in a position parallel to the truck frame, even with one end empty and the other loaded.

The body is straight-sided and divided into three or more compartments, each with a cone-shaped bottom provided with sliding doors. The body telescopes within a steel framework mounted on the truck frame, and when down the body is flush with the top of the frame- work. When it is forced up by means of the hydraulic cylinder in the center, it is kept parallel to the truck frame by means of eight racks, two at each corner, which mesh with eight rack- pinions on four shafts on top of the frame- work.

����The bolts which hold the wheel to the rear fork stem -ends fit on a pair of collars on which the power plant is pivoted

��Another Addition to the Motor- Bicycle Family

THE latest development in the mo- tor-bicycle is the perfection of a motor-wheel which may be attached to any bicycle, whether it be a man's, a woman's or a juvenile model. The attachment consists of a hea\y twenty- six-inch bicycle wheel incorporating a two-horsepower plant and fitted with a substantial mudguard designed to fit into the forks of any bicycle after the original wheel has been removed.

Although the wheel has a motor which has power enough to climb the steepest grades, the weight and vibration are taken up not by the bicycle itself but by the specially constructed wheel. The bicycle is really converted into a spring- frame machine. The motor is placed on the left side of the wheel in such a manner that it comes outside the rear fork stay of the bicycle when the wheel is in position. The crankshaft extends straight through the hub of the wheel and is mounted on the other extremity. A high- tension magneto is built into the flywheel. The position of the crank- shaft is the novel feature of the device.

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