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���The tank holds nearly two thousand gallons of water and is designed to withstand a pressure of forty-two pounds to the square inch. On account of the high pressure less water is needed

��New York's Wonderful Street-Sweeper and High-Pressure Flusher

THE New York city street cleaning department, tired of waiting for in- ventors to turn out an efficient cleaning machine, put its own electrical and me- chanical engineers to work on designs. The new cleaner they devised is almost completely electric. I Every wheel is turned by motor power. The current is generated by a dynamo which is driven by the gasoline engine under the hood. Two motors turn the driving wheels, one the broom, another the atomizer pump and a third the flushing pump.

The driver of the truck handles his gasoline engine and steers the machine, all other work being done by the flusher who . has a seat on the rear of the trailer, at which point all the controllers for the various de- vices are located.

The machine is capable of cleaning from one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five thou- sand square yards of paving per day. It can scrub a street which is thirty feet from curb to curb in two trips. As it moves at a speed of from nine to nine cmI"'^ and a half miles an hour it can clean fifty miles of street in a single ten-hour night.

Utilizing the pressure system of flushing makes it possible to clean the streets as carefully as a ball room floor. The tank holds 1675 gallons of water.

��FROM application

���Your Feet Are Cold? Then Use the Foot-Radiator

West Virginia comes a new for hot-water and steam heating. The inventor has designed a boot on the style of a foot-radiator. It consists of an inner water-tight stocking of rubber and another stocking surrounding it. The space between the two is sealed from the outside except for two openings, one through which hot water or steam is to be supplied to fill the opening, and the other through which the cooled water and the used steam are to be ejected.

There are two ways of supplying the hot water or steam. One is to attach a hose to each opening and connect it with a source of hot water in the same way that boilers are connected in a heating system ; the other is to fill it as you would a hot water bottle. The inventor makes the claim that the device may be used by attaching it to the exhaust of an automobile engine. Just how the inventor in- tends to carry off the exhaust gases NIPPLE after they have been admitted to the boot he does not say. Evidently the thought in his mind was to provide an outlet for the purpose on the outer side of the boot, or through the ejector hose.

Some kind of a control arrangement would have to be provided, also, to pre- vent the boot from becom- ing uncomfortably hot.




��The radiator boot is con- nected to a hot water supply in the same way as is a steam radiator

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