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Can You Name These Cars?

��Here's a Chance to Win $50 in Cash

��Study the photographs on pages 398 and 399. They represent parts of well- known cars. But what cars? You may recognize a car as it whizzes past, just from its general appearance. But do you know the finer points of standard auto- mobiles? Do you know the mechanical advantages of the construction shown ?

To win the $50, you must observe the following rules:

1. Use the numbers on the photographs

in your answers, for identification.

2. Point out the identifying feature of

each photograph on pages 398-399. State the advantages of that par- ticular feature — whether it is com- mendable for mere looks, for the sav- ing of material, for mechanical reasons, etc. This is not a guessing contest but a test of intelligence.

��3 . Write your answers on separate sheets

of paper, each bearing your name and address. Don't make your answers part of a letter.

4. Give the reasons for each answer in a

Httle article. Allow no more than one hundred words for each article. The prize will be awarded to the competitor who submits the best set of articles displaying the most auto- mobile intelligence in his answers,

5. The contest closes on March 15, 1917. 6 The correct answer and name of the

winner will be published in the May issue of the Popular Science Monthly. 7. Address answers to the

Automobile Contest Editor


239 Fourth Avenue New York


�� �