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"Seein' Things" in Slabs of Rock

��When Paul Herzel sees a piece of solid rock

it suggests to him an animal or a group of animals, and he begins as soon as possible to make the rock take the shape that he has in mind so that everj'one may see it as he does. So weU does he succeed that he was awarded the Whitney and Barnett prize for animal sculpture at the Academy exhibitions of 1915-1916. Note the expressive faces of the animals and the suggestion of agility and strength brought out in the nauscles

��Below: Sixteen-year-old Albert T. Stewart, who also dreams dreams and sees visions of animals in the rocks. He is fond of repro- ducing prehistoric types, and is shown in the photograph at work on the ancient ancestor of the tiger. His model is a very up-to- date specimen in Central Park Zoo, New York city. His models are attracting con- siderable attention in the art world from critics of note who consider them rich in sug- gestion, expression, and in accuracy of detail


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