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and Conveniences for Cold Weather Motoring

���A folding backrest for the motorcyclist. It folds easily out of the way when not needed. It may be fitted to a cush- ion saddle on any machine

���A combined baby-carrier and robe-rail for the touring car. The parts are collapsed as at left end of the photograph to serve as a robe-rail, and distended or assembled to support the baby

��A foot muff with an opening large enough to hold both feet and to keep them warm, too

��A slight pressure upon the lever projects the red signaling hand out fully sixteen inches

����An electric heater which keeps the carbureter warm and eliminates the danger of the radiator's freezing

����A hollow nut with a coiled spring for motorcycle cylinders. It shuts off air from or admits it to the cylinders as the suction increases or decreases

��An individual automobile for Muggins. It is carried at the side of the large car and has headlights, tail lights and a little searchlight of its own, all of which work, so that the miniature car may be run separately


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