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Housekeeping Made Easy

���The up-to-the-minute baby car- riage has its electric gong and batteries, operated by a con- veniently located push-button, preferably on the handle, to clear the pathway of the carriage

��At right: A teaball- spoon with a hinged top which fastens down with a clasp during the process of tea-making. Th2 principal advan- tage over the ordi- nary tea-ball lies in the handle

��A mahogany ther- mometer which also serves as a paper weight for the desk

���A hinge for interchangeable screen and storm doors. The two parts are interlocking and permanently attached, ball-and- socket style, one to the door frame and the other to the door

��At left below : A combination comb and brush, either part of which may be used separately or both together. The comb, which may be either large or small, locks into a slot in the brush

���An ironing outfit comprising a nine by twenty-one-inch board weighing one pound and a light- weight electric iron and cord, for travelers and light housekeeping

���An egg-beater, of heavy glass with a plunger having two separated dashers

��Two saucer-shaped sharpening stones pivoted between U-shaped arms of a handle, for sharpen- ing knives without the least danger of cutting the hands

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