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Housekeeping Made Easy

����A device for lighting the gas- stove through an opening in the burner plate. In this way the flare or "popping" is eliminated

��A candlestick for hall or living room. It has three adjustable candle supports. The standard is made of solid mahogany

����With this device a needle bath and massage can be given at the same time. The water is contained in the cylinder on the wall and comes through the brush in the form of a needle spray

��The "porron" used by the Spanish peasants for wine, makes a quaint ad- dition to the salad equipment. Either of the spouts may be used for a handle

��A scrubbing-car knee-rest which protects the scrub- ber's knees and clothing and saves time in moving along the floor. It slides along as if on casters

���An electric water purifier which is placed immediately in the water and the sterilizing current turned on

��A washtub with a built-in washboard and a station- ary container for the soap will prove a boon for the small apartment. When covered it has the ap- pearance of a small table


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