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��An Electric Comb for Drying the Hair After the Shampoo

HERE is a boon for the hair dresser, barber, lady's maid or for the woman who is clever enough to shampoo herself with- out assistance. It is a comb so / constructed as to inclose an ordinary electrical heater. The body portion of the comb, hollow and cylindrical, is pro- vided with grooves into which the teeth of the comb fit. The electrical heater is con- tained in this hollow cylinder. Extending through the tang and the handle, is a metal tube which serves as a conductor running to an ordmary lamp- socket.

The comb may be taken apart and cleaned and thoroughly ster- ilized in a sterilizing liquid with out danger of wetting the heater, is as easily reassembled, and parts fit together so snugly that there is no rattling or unsteady movement during the operation.

The amount of electricity used is small but is suflficient to dry the hair thoroughly in a ver>' short time. Thus in a single operation the tv\o most tedious accompaniments of the shampoo are accomplished: for when the hair is perfectly smooth and free from tangles it is also perfectly dry.

����IRONING Rifii



��An electric comb for drying the hair quickly while removing the tangles after a shampoo

��Weight the bulb with a small stone and lower it into the bottle ; keep it in water and it will finally blossom as on the left

��How Did the Crocus Grow in the Bottle? — A Trick for the Amateur Horticulturist

A CROC US growing and blossoming in- side a bottle? How did it get there.-* This is how the idea is carried out. Get a good sized bottle, the neck of which is just large enough to admit of the passage of a crocus bulb. Pour into the bottle about an inch of water. Tie a piece of string around the bulb, in the manner shown in the photograph. Loop the string • around a stone in such a way that the stone is held at the bottom of the bulb. The stone should be a rather flat pebble on which the bulb will rest upright.

By means of the string, lower the bulb into the bottle. When the lower part of the bulb just touches the water, the string may be fastened around the neck of the bottle. The bottle should now be removed to some dark place for a few weeks, at the end of which time it will be seen that the bulb has sent out num- erous roots. It may be needful to add a little fresh water now and again to keep the level up. Keep the bottle near a sunny window. After a time the bulb will begin to flower. Then the string may be loosened from the neck of the bottle and dropped down inside.

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