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��Rag-Time Music as an Adjunct to the

Operating Table ^

E\'EX surgeons have a sense of humor. A patient was rushed to the Columbus Hospital of Chicago, not long ago, in a critical condition. The excitement of getting him there so jarred on his nerves that when it came to administering the anesthetic, he refused absolutely to accept it. After every augument failed, the surgeons thought of trying to soothe him by playing a phonograph that was in the building. When finally a popular air was put on, the patient began to see the humor of the situation, and without further trouble he took the anesthetic. His appendix could then be removed without further musical accompaniment.

���The club makes an extension barrel for the revolver giving it greater range

��Shave Yourself with a Buzz Saw — That's the Newest in Razors

HERE is the most decided departure from the ordinary safety razor which we have seen. It is a compact little con- trivance of the press-the-button variety, with the blade fully protected by a safety guard so that there is no danger of cutting the fingers or of scratching the face. The blade operates with continuous ro- tary motion like that of a circular saw.

First you wind up the mechanism, just as you would a

watch or a clock;

then you ^£^5=X<*-*oi *

apply it to your well-lath- ered face and press the but- ton at the side. Ac- cording to the inven- tor, C. B. Collins, of Des Moines, j Iowa, you should have a perfectly beauti f ul shave without a scratch or the slightest abrasion of the skin, in almost less time than it takes to tell it and without a particle of annoyance from dull blades.





Start and Stop

��Press the button at the side of the razor, and Presto! You have a perfect shave

��How a Policeman Can Use His Club to Change His Pistol into a Rifle

THE ordinary- hardwood club which the policeman swings so jauntily as he makes his rounds, looks formidable enough to the wrong-doer. But it may prove to be even more deadly than it looks. Sheriff Frank Barnet. of Oakland, California, has devised a plan for combining the club and revolver in one weapon, thus increasing the range and accur- acy" of the revolver. The com- bination is made in a moment's time and may be unlocked as readily as it is put together, so that it is either one article or two, as desired.

The sheriff's club is fourteen inches long and through its center a hole is bored for a barrel. This is made to join the barrel of the revolver by means of a special locking de- vice. With its addi- tional fourteen inches of barrel the revolver is thus con- verted into a rifle with three times the range which it had before.

It is also claimed that the aim is so much improved by this arrangement that the burglar or other human nuisance has absolutely no chance to get away after he has been sighted.

The club is not materially altered in weight by the boring away of a portion of its central interior, so that it can still perform eflfectual service in its own way.

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