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���Above: Gun stocks in the rough. Walnut "flitches," from American forests, drying before being con- verted into weaix)ns for the European armies

��At right: Collecting the "crude" rosin from which our turpentine, pine tar and similar products are made, for home commercial use and for exportation

���^cSx^t 'n^^Jt^^^l"^ sJiPT^ent Prices now paid for rosin in Europe are almost fabulous on account of its scarcity. It is used in making shrapnel, cheap soaps, and as a size for paper

��ons of wood to produce one ton of acetone. >ince all the acetone employed as a solvent 3 obtained from acetic acid, enormous I uan titles of wood are demanded for the upply of the solvents used in ammunition nanufacture. The quantities of alcohol and ether used

��for solvents for cellulose nitrates far surpass the consumption of acetone. Since ether is made from alcohol the raw material for its production is of great importance.

It is estimated that during the present year 40,000,000 gallons of denatured alcohol will be used at home while huge quantities

�� �