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Do It with Tools and Machines

����A new universal joint which is made up of cen- ter-block,slip-end yoke and transmission flange yoke

���A bellows device (bulb and air-tight top) for cleaning the pipe by burning out the sediment

���A compass which plots a course with- out a parallel rule

��The pad saves the foot when digging with a spade and protects the shoe

��Bending a pipe or piece of iron at any angle with a new bolt and nut device

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��An adjustable filing machine. The table is solid but the head can be set at any specified angle and is provided with gradu- ations for indicating the angle

���A machine to drill, tap and turn in a nipple in a water main which is car- rying pressure


��A sanitary drinking fountain and anti-water splash which can be attached to any faucet. The water is drawn into the mouth through the glass tube

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