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��The Ceiling Bed. It Never Shows r Itself Until It Is Needed

THE problem of what to do with extra company when you have no guest room has been solved by the disappearing bed which is hidden in the ceiling. It is the latest addi- tion to the large number of disap- pearing and folding beds of all kinds, but it differs in its construc- tion from any bed which may come under the classification.

In the first place, it does not take up wall space, closet or floor space. It fits in the ceiling of the room, two false panels being used so that the place of concealment is al- ways covered. When the bed is lowered to the floor one of the panels descends and covers the opening, leavi nothing to suggest where the bed came from. The other panel, held below the bed, fits into the ceiling when the bed has been raised to its hidden day-time posi- tion in a box installed

In oval: The bed fits into a box installed between the ceiling and the floor above

�����IMagram showing the plan of the ceiling bed, the location of the cables and the winding drum

��The bed lowered. The space it oc- cupies in the ceiling is cov- ered by a false panel which drops into place

��between the ceiling and the floor above.

Fitted in one of the side walls of the room is a winding drum around which are cables leading through the joists and fastened se- curely to the four corners of the bed. An inconspicuous door gives admission to the winding drum and by turning the crank the bed is raised or lowered into position, as desired.

In a cottage or small bungalow where usually the only paneled room is the dining room, the bed can be concealed from view at all times, except when it is lowered for use. It requires but a moment's time to raise or lower the bed and this can be accomplished with but little effort.

Such a bed is generally of three- quarters size and is equipped with comfortable springs and mattress. It is made up ready for use before it is sent skyward.

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