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��New Long-Handled Trowel Saves Cement Finisher's Time

THERE is no need to break your back or to use pads or boards to protect your knees when you are finishing a cement sidewalk. Use the long-handled trowel shown at the bottom of this page. This tool differs from that generally used for finishing work, in that it has a long, broom-like han- dle which is- at- tached to the face of the trowel itself. The lower end of the handle is pivoted in the center of a short bar with toggle members at each end attached to a second bar pivoted by nut and bolt to a U-shaped piece of metal laid on its side and rig- idly attached to the face of the trowel.

The double motion secured through the use of the tw'O pivoted bars and the con- necting toggle arms causes the near edge of the trowel to raise when pulled toward the workman and the far edge to raise when pushed away from him. Thus is overcome the difficulty occasioned by the tool's digging into the surface.

In ordinary- work it is said that one man with such a long-handled trowel can finish as much surface as five or six men with the usual tool and knee pads.


���Two wounded soldiers, one a Serb and one a Bulgarian, being conveyed by the mule-ambulance through the narrow mountain passes to the railroad station

��The Army Mule Gomes Into His Own as a Mountain Ambulance

spite of the fact that Science and Invention are constantly devising new means of alleviating suffering and especial- ly of affording comparative comfort to wounded soldiers, there are times when the old, old methods are resorted to as the

best available. In the accom- panying photo- graph, for in- stance, the army mule is shown taking pre- cedence over the automobile am- bulance, and all other modern devices, as the most humane means which the Red Cross workers could employ for transport! ng the wounded from the scene of battle in the mountains overlooking the plainofMonastir. The stretchers were attached, one on each side of the mule, with the heavy yoke- saddle between. The mule, gingerly pick- ing his way, could go where the automobile could not — right out into the midst of the prostrate forms and through the narrow mountain passes in the bend of the Cerna river, where the Serbs made their great play, and on to the railroad from Salonika.





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����Diagram showing the double motion secured by thetwobarsandtoggleanns

��One man can compete with six using the usual trowel and knee pads

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