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���The "gasoline horse" which rumbled through Chicago's streets, guided by reins in the hands of the driver

��A Gasoline Horse Which Is Guided With Reins

yVN entirely new type of gasoline "war jLjL horse" was driven through the streets of Chicago recently. It was a two-wheeled gasoline tractor controlled by two reins like those of a harnessed horse.

The "gasoline horse," it is said, could be loaded with dynamite and guided across "No Man's Land" with reins a thousand yards long, and exploded in the enemy's country, while the driver re- mains at a safe distance. The principle is the same as that of the torpedo car, described in the April Popular Science Monthly.

The exhibition of the machine was made by army officers conducting a campaign for recruits in the city. A three-inch field gun and several caissons were drawn be- hind it, the driver being seated on a caisson at a conspicuous distance from the "horse" so as to be able to show off the virtues of his "steed" to the best advantage. The machine responded to his lightest touch.

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��The wireless outfit used by the alleged swind- ler Wax as a "blind" to impress his victims

��* 'Making Money'* By Wireless — ^A Counterfeiter's Scheme

THE latest alleged "wireless" swindler is Max Hans Ludwig Wax, whom the New York police have recently arrested. Our photograph shows Wax's "Money Making Machine," with which he is said to have mystified his victims throughout the United States. It is easy to see how the flashing of frosted lamps on the box-front, to- gether with the hum- ming and crackling of the rotary and fixed spark gaps, the sputter- ing of the relays and their choke-coils, and thecomplex adjustments of many switches, tun- ing coils, condensers and potentiometers would puzzle even a self-styled "expert." In the box is a miscellaneous collec- tion of meters, coils, switches and other in- struments, sufficient to transmit messages for twenty or thirty miles and to receive from much greater distances. The radio instruments were probably mere "bHnds" to make the strongest impression up- on the gullible victims.

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