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open the Door and Wind Up the Clock

The swinging door compresses air which operates a winding mechanism

��\ FREXCH inventor, Gustave Delan- ^-\ noy, has devised an original scheme for winding clocks by air-pressure ob- tained by opening and closing of doors. A small air pump arranged on or near the door is operated by the opening or closing of the lat ter, and the air thus com- pressed is led through a thin metal tube to the clock or clocks to be wound.

The air cylinder is pivotally supported by a bracket screwed to the door frame. The free end of the piston rod is engaged by a pin on the door. Air drawn into the cylinder during the opening movement of the door will be com- pressed during the clos- ing movement and ex- pelled through a flexible tube connection.

The air pump is carried on the wall at the side of the door. The piston rod is held stationary by a bracket, v.hile the cylinder is movable lengthwise of the piston rod, by means of a cord passing over a pulley and attached to the door. By opening the door, the air in the cylinder is compressed and expelled through the hollow piston rod

���The compressed air from the cylinder on the door raises the piston which winds the clock

���into the tube. A cord attached to the left end of the cylinder and winding on a roller containing a coiled spring, will pull the cylinder back during the closing of the door, so as to keep the cord taut. ^' e metal tube (of an inner iameter of from 3/32 to 3^ and of a length of over one hundred yards) leads along the walls, conform- ing with their bends and corners, to an air cylin- der arranged prefer- ably in the casing of the clock tobe wound. The com- pressed air in the tube will raise the piston in this cylin- der. This move- ment will wind the clock by means of levers and the spring- pressed pawl on the levers which engages with the ratchet wheel of he clock spring. A valve provided which will al- low any excess pressure to escape and which will also be opened in case the weight driving the clock has reached its uppermost position. Another weight returns the piston in the cylinder to its normal position. Instead of the cylinder, bellows may, of course, be used which will be lifted by the action of the compressed air in the manner described and will perform the same operations. A weight may also be employed to pull the cylinder back, in- stead of the roller and cord.

��A small air pump is operated by the opening of the door and the compressed air is led to the clock through a flexible tube connection

��Any Type of Fighting Craft Costs a Fortune to Build

A MODERN giant battle cruiser will cost approximately S20,ooo,ooo; a super- dreadnought can be built for Si8,ooo,ooo; a scout cruiser for S6,ooo,ooo; a destroyer for $1,300,000; while ordinary submarines cost $600,000 each for the smaller type, and from $1,000,000 to $1,200,000 each for the larger boats.


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