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��Saving a Man from a Burning Building with His Own

VARIOUS devices have been vented and placed on the market to Hghten the fire- man's burden; but Nicho- las Carson has demon- strated to the fire depart- ment of Cincinnati that it is possible to carry a person down a ladder or a fire- escape without any kind of special apparatus.

Carson's method of rescue presupposes that the person to be rescued is wearing his or dinary clothing. The coat i pulled halfway down over th shoulders and its end i; brought up and wrapped around the collar, the wrt ping being done from the insid outward and the arms being left in the sleeves. This makes an improvised rope of the coat and holds the arms se- curely at the elbows.

To carry the victim, the

rescuer slips his own head ^n improvised rope is quickly under the coat-rope so that made of the person's coat. This he and the victim are back; to is sHpped over the rescuer's head back, with the victim suspended by his arms from the fireman's shoulders

��A Wire-Mesh Top for the Automobile. It Saves Hats and Veifs

TAKING account of stock at the end of an exhilarating automobile trip has doubtless revealed that a comparatively new hat or two, and perhaps some perfectly

��good and more or less expensive veils have passed on to other owners.

To prevent such losses without curtail- ing any of the pleasures of automobiling, B. F. Cone,of Ashland, Neb., has invented a safety guard of wire mesh which will fit over the body of any make of automobile. It will also serve as a protec- tion from brushing tree-branches and from other menaces to per- sonal safety and com- fort when traveling through less fre- quented places. If a bad spill should occur, it will prevent the oc- cupants from being thrown out of the car. The uprights of the frame are secured to the bottom of the sides of the car, passing up through the sides to the top and meeting there a reinforcing bar which extends from front to rear. These uprights are of steel and are heavily padded on the inside of the car so that if the occupants should be thrown against them no harm would be done.

����The passengers of the automobile are not being taken to jail. The netting protects their hats from the wind

��Another Outcome of the War — The American Evaporated Vegetable

THE hunger of Europe has started a new industry in America. A year ago the Allies ^^^ could not supply enough vege- ^W tables for their men in the ^ trenches. Awake to this fact, American growers experiment- ed on drying treatments which would insure their vegetables reaching the trenches in edible condition. They succeeded, and the result is the evaporated vegetable industry. Western New York is supplying most of the evaporated food, and al- ready thousands of tons have been shipped to the armies in the war zone.

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