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Four Motion-Picture Shows in One

Thus Kansas City accommodated an extra size audience

���Here projection screens were used, one on each wall of the hall, and the audience was divided into four sections, each facing its own screen

��THE largest of all motion-picture exhi- bitions was staged recently in Kansas City, in her mammoth Convention Hall before five different audiences aggre- gating sixty-seven thousand persons. The newspaper which gave the exhibition sent out more than two hundred thousand invi- tations. To enable the great audience which filled Convention Hall to see the pictures, four screens were erected in the center of the big hall. Each screen measured seventeen by thirteen feet. The pictures could be seen from all directions. The operators timed the running of the pictures. A bell was rung when the end of every one

��hundred feet of film was reached, so that each operator knew whether he had to speed up or slow down. The four screens fastened together in the center of the arena formed a cube open at the top and bottom. Below this little cube of screens was a space which accommodated an orchestrk of thirty-five pieces.

Another unique method of projecting four views of the same picture simultane- ously is illustrated in the second picture. Instead of the screens in the center of the hall a laiq^e projection room was built at this vantage point and the screens were placed one cm each wall of the hall.


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