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��Popular Science Monthly

��A Small Single-Cylinder Homemade Automobile

MINIATURE machines built like or to represent larger types are not rarities, by any means ; but the one illustrated does a double duty in carrying the owner wher- e V e r

��6 ft. long and 15 in. between the inside surfaces of the side pieces. The wheels were those used on a No. 3 auto-coaster. The drive is obtained by a belt from the engine pulley to one of the rear wheels. With this method of control it is pos- sible to have various speeds without a troublesome lot of gears. This arrangement consists of an idler pulley operated with a ratchet lever and quadrant. The en- gine can be run free, and the tighter the idler is drawn the more speed is attained, up to the limit of the engine speed.

The front axle is made on the fifth wheel principle and is turned with a rope on the end of the steering-wheel

��Ready for the start in his travels about the city and country

���With every car owner sometroubles will arise and it becomes necessary to make adjust- m e n t s or clean the spark plugs before mak- ing a long run in the country or in keeping the machine in good repair

��I by Press 111. Serv,

��he wants to travel. Its owner, a boy of 15 years, built the entire machine save the engine, which is one of the single cylin- der motorcycle type. However, many manufacturers of ordinary automobiles do the same, all power plants being purchased from manufacturers in that special line.

The engine is the kind used to attach to a bicycle, two horsepower, geared two to one. The main frame is built of hardwood,

��shaft. While it is not necessary to follow out the exact dimensions and style of this car, it furnishes the idea, and enough de- tails are given so that a clever amateur can construct a similar car that will produce as good results. Such a little car can be made to more closely represent a large car if sheet metal is used instead of wood for the hood. The sides can also be made up of sheet metal and a rear covering put on

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