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A Mere Tile Drain Supplies Water Power

���The tile opening in the ground from which the stream was first guided. As it was small in size and the ground quite level a dam of any size could not be used for storng the water, consequently the fall had to be obtained through a flume

���The stream in this particular instance started from a mere puddle of water, where a slight obstruction was placed to guide it into the flume that was carried on trestles to the power ■ house at some distance down the slope and near a ditch

���Where the flume ended . ,

house an automatic feed arrangement was attached over the water wheel so that only a certain average amount of water was allowed to spill on the bucket

��Within the iie drive wheels and

dynamo together with the switchboard and storage-battery were placed. Th3 discharge of water was run through a pipe into the ditch beside the power house


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