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�Q Amateur • Eloctrician

��-kcA WIi'gIgss Operator

��Signaling "by" Wireless" Without Instruments

WHILE some of my friends and I were out fishing, an accident happened to one of our oais, leaving us with only one. There was a very strong wind, so that it was impossible for us to make any headway, or to make our shouts heard by other boys who had left us a short time before, and who were then half a mile away. Then I happened to think of the consolidated wireless code that some of my friends and I knew. Fortunately, one of these boys was in the other boat so I stood up and began to signal to him with my arms. For a dot (.) I raised my arm

��Experiments with Static Electricity from Belts

SOME interesting and very amusing experiments can be made with static obtained from overhead belts in a machine- shop, the phenomena being due to friction.

���Sending the signal of distress to friends in a distant boat with the use of dots and dashes of the consolidated wireless code spelled out by waving the arms in a manner to suggest the code

��up over my head and let it come back quickly, for a dash (— ) I held my arm up a little longer. By sending SOS two or three times I managed to attract his atten- tion and told him our trouble. They came to our rescue and helped us back to the shore. — R. H. M., Jr.

��Hold a metal rod to within a few inches of the belt with one hand, while with the other touch someone who is in contact with a machine forming a ground. A distinct shock will be felt by both parties. A finger held near the machine will cause a spark, its size depending on the strength of


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