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The Most Curious of Curiosity Shops

��In New York City is one of the most curious shops in the world. It is a factory where colossal models are made from metal for shop-keepers' signs. At left is a pair of opera glasses large enough to fit Miss Liberty. Sheets of copper were rotated against wooden models and blunt tools pressed them into form

���This giant tooth is made of a com- position substance of white appear- ance so that the dentist's sign will not tarnish or grow dim. As it is to be suspended overhead, it is made hollow inside so as to prevent it from being dangerously heavy if it should happen to be blown down

��At left is a jeweler's sign — a wedding ring as large as an automobile tire. Others have been made large enough for diminutive couples to pose seated on the rim. No idea a merchant may have for an adver- tising design, however freakish, is too difficult for these metal workers


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