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A "Community" Power Plant for New York

��It sells heat and power to the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan

���MANY of the skyscrapers now being built in New York city's financial dis- trict will have no boilers and heating plants of their own, and several old-time office buildings will discontinue using their engine rooms as soon giant new steam plant is put into operation. The new plant will sell steam heat and power to any building within a convenient radius. The price for such ser- vice is said to be siderably less than the cost of maintaining in- dividual plants.

The six stacks, three on each side of the plant, are three hun- dred and twenty- five feet high. The boilers are located in a building one hun- d r ed and

��The men were raised to their jobs and brought down again by means of steel hoists

��The six giant stacks of New York's new steam power plant 300 feet high

fifty feet or ten stories high. The plant

represents an outlay of one and cne-

half million dollars. It will take nine

hundred tons of coal a day to heat the

water in the boilers.

While building the stacks New Yorkers have had the opportunity of seeing some of the most thrilling dare-devil work ever carried on by structural steel workers. On days when the wind blew a gale the workmen were often in imminent danger. They were taken up to their jobs on steel hoists. These giant stacks are right at home among the skyscrapers.


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