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Ploughing the Farm by Automobile

The latest tractor attachment converts the Ford pleasure car into a motor -operated farm implement with push-button rapidity

���The steel wheels of the tractor fit over the rear wheels and tires of the Ford automobile and are locked in place. This gives sufficient stability to pull any light agricultural implement

��DIFFERING from all other forms of tractor attachments to be applied to the Ford car for cultivating small farms, that shown in the accompanying illustrations does not require the removal of a single part of the original passenger car. The entire apparatus can be attached in a few minutes and detached in less time.

The great advantage of a device of this kind is that its cost is reasonable enough to bring it within the reach of the small farmer who has need of a tractor for only a small part of each year. Besides, it enables him to use his passenger car for either business or pleasure and without any long delays in- cident to the re- moval of wheels and various parts of the driving mechanism, as in most devices of this kind.

The device is made in two halves, which are simply slipped over the rear end of the chassis,

���Diagram showing how the two parts of the tractor device fasten over the wheels of the car


��wheels and all, and then bolted together at front and rear. This gives suiificient sta- bility to pull farm wagons as trailers, a plow, harrow, cutter, binder or in fact any form of light agricultural implement.

The two steel wheels of the device have grip treads, each wheel carried on a short stub axle driven by chains and sprockets from a notched axle into which lugs placed on the hub of the Ford wheel are slipped. The tractor wheels are supported on two side frames bent inward at the front and joined to a U-bolt on the Ford front axle and tied together at the rear by a cross- wise bar aft of the regular Ford touring or roadster body. The two halves of the device are slipped into place from the sides and locked into position.

To restore the car to its origi- nal appearance and service it is only necessary to loosen the bolts and remove the steel wheels.

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