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Locating a Sunken Ship

A bell-buoy marker is an old idea with a new application especially appropriate for the times

���A buoy provided with a bell which is rung by wave action continuously announces to passmg vessels that a ship is submerged at that spot, until the salvag^g ship arrives

��A NOVEL form of marker for sunken vessels has recently been brought out, and is shown in the illustration. The idea is not new, but the modification here shown is interesting.

A loose buoy on the deck is attached to one end of a coil of rope, the other end of the coil being fastened to the ship. The position of a sunken ship that is thus equipped will be indicated by the buoy, which will rise to the surface if the rope is of sufficient length.

��It is entirely possible to have the first coil attached to another, much heavier, and that in turn fastened to a cable of sufficient strength to aid in raising the vessel or assist in towing to shallow water. In this way the task of salvaging the ship would be som.ev/hat simplified.

The buoy may be provided with a bell, rung by wave action by means of suitable clappers spaced about the circumference; so that the ship will toll out its own funeral dirge, into the ears of passers-by.


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