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��and rear sets of wheels by means of a short driveshaft. The power is in turn trans- mitted through the gearbox by means of a silent chain drive to two shafts, one extend- ing forward from the front of the gearbox and the other aft from the rear side. Each of these shafts


��two gears,

��carries worm

these meshing with large worm wheels and dif- ferentials mounted on supplementary axles which simply drive each pair of op- posite wheels, but do not sup- port any of the wheel load. Each

��the center. The separate lever serves to turn the vertical turn-bolt as the driver turns his hand-wheel to steer. Additional rods attached to one end of the two-armed bar lead to the front set of wheels, and other rods attached to the opposite end lead to each op- t "


���SPINDLE ARMS EXTENDED MOTOR SHAFT MOTOR OFF CENTRE Diagram showing the driving and steering arrangement of the eight-wheel truck. All wheels turn for steering

��posite pair of the rear wheels. Thus as the turn-bolt is re- volved, causing the two-armed bar to revolve about its pivot, it makes the front truck wheels turn in one direction and the rear wheels, con- of the supplementary trolled from the opposite end, in the re- driving axles is divided into two parts on verse direction, thus giving a very short

each side, these parts being joined by means turning radius.

of universal joints so as to permit relative

motion between any of the wheels of each

truck, as when passing over road obstruc- tions, without binding any of the driving


The motor must be placed rather

high so as to clearthe front

of the front truck. The top

the motor extends up into th

driver's cab and is covered

by a removable metal hood

The driver sits on one

side of the motor and the

helper on the other. This

construction permits the

driver's seat to be placed

well forward, which in

turn allows a longer

body on the same

length of chassis than

would be the case in

the usual construction

with the motor under a

hood out in front.

All of the wheels are

arranged to turn for steer

ing, this being accomplished

through one steering wheel

and column by attaching the

steering crank by means of a

rod to a vertical turn-bolt

carrying three arms. One of

these arms is a separate lever,

while the other two really

���comprise one bar pivoted at

��To Make Your Lawn Attractive You Must Edge It Evenly

AN improvement on the ordinary . lawn edger has been invented Christian L. Schneider, of Davenport, la. It not only dges the lawn neatly but cuts a trough at the same time at a regulated depth. The edger consists of a J-shaped knife carried on an arm which ad- justs it to any height. One of the wheels of the edger runs on the path surrounding the lawn, with its outer flange pressed against the asphalt so as to insure a straight line. The other wheel is ar- ranged so that it will keep parallel with the wheel on the path, whatever irregulari ties may occur in the lawn over which it travels. This makes it easy to push and insures a straight edge.


��The outer wheel presses against the edge of the path to insure a straight line. A trough is dug at the same time

�� �