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��Flashlight'"® apparatus^ ^T



��Electric battery* one eel I connects I with flash light ' both cells with coil S

��High voltage shocking coil

��Details of the flashlight cane with its shocking coil

��Protect Yourself Against Highwaymen with an Electrified Cane

LTTACKED by a prowler, springing at you in the dark, how would you defend yourself? One young American believes he has solved the problem by an electric cane which would paralyze the muscles of the assailant in a twinkling. The cane is loaded with a high tension shocking coil and electric batteries. These add weight to the cane so that you can wield it with effect, and — what is still more important — prevent your assailant from pinning the cane down so you can- not use it. Press a button — and you electrify the cane and give him a shock which causes him to drop the cane immediately.

The electric coil is merely an unusually powerful medical coil of an elongated type. It fits into the hollow of the lower end of the cane with the two dry cells that are con nected with it. The "busi- ness" end of the shocking coil is led to the metal plating which covers the entire lower half of the cane. While the shock from the cane will never kill a man, it will sur- prise him enough to throw him off his guard and upset his plans. The cane is further equipped with a flash- light set in its knob. One cell is used to operate it. The upper end of the cane carrying the electric bulb and this cell, can be de- tached and used as an ordinary portable flashlight. Such efficiency in a cane makes it a good companion on a trip through the woods or in the summer camp. Although it was originally protection against human is equally successful against four-footed ones, even the largest of them.

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��The lower end of the cane is metal-plated so as to be electri- fied by the high tension coil inside

��intended for prowlers it

��The folding crib in use in the automobile. When no longer needed it folds up into compact form

A Folding Crib in the Automobile and Summer Camp

shall be done with the baby when the family decides to go automobil- ing? The question is answered by a new crib which can be carried in the car and which can fold into a very small space and in such a shape that it can be disposed of readily when not needed. The crib is very com- pact. It can be carried edgewise on the back of the rear seat against the back wall of the automo- bile top, and it does not protrude or interfere in any way with the occupants of the tonneau. Or it can stand on end by the robe rail without inconvenience. In use the crib occupies the space between seats, and gives the baby considerably more free- dom of action and comfort than if he were held continually on the lap of an adult. In camp, the crib is set up as at home.

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