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��This Typewriter Prints in Every Type and Language

THE multiplex typewriter, shown on the right, can type in all the languages and in hundreds of different styles of type. Naturally, it is radically different from the usual machine. Instead of having fifty different type blocks all mounted on sep- arate steel bars, it uses one plate on which all the characters of one style are cast. This plate is removably attached to the machine. By sliding it off and sliding on another plate having a different set of characters, the typewriter is converted instantly.

Two different plates, in fact, can be carried in the machine at one time. These plates are curved and can be adjusted into

��t-cur Except icra I Blanket Groups

���For $12 pair, all - wool plaid blanket, silk bound,


Third Gallery,

��Hew Building

��Four Exceptional Blanket Groups

For $5.50 pair, white blanket with pink and blue bor- ders, silk binding ; mixed wool and cotton filling on cotton warp; 70 x 82 inches. For $6.50 same quality, 76 x 84 inches.

For $12 pair, all - wool

plaid blanket, silk bound,

72 x 84 inches.

Third Gallery, New Building.

����A typewriter which prints any- kind of type. Samples of its work appear on the left

guists, to physicians and to all who have to use unusual charac- ters, this typewriter is invaluable to the advertising man. An ad- vertising manager of a large de- partment store, for instance, can send his advertisement to the newspapers all written in the cor- rect style and size of type.

��The advertising manager can send his copy to the printer looking just as he wants it to look in type

��a slot in the circular type-carrier after the carrier has been withdrawn from the machine. The type-carrier fits into the center of the machine. When a key is pressed, an automatic spring mechanism turns the carrier until the corn sponding characteron th< plate faces the front. At the same time, a hammer at the back is released to knock the writing paper against the ribbon and the character. The ac- tual impression of the character is thus made on the same principle as in other typewriters.

Besides being of This crossing provides especial value to lin- the tracks and

��This Railroad Crossing

Cleans Itself and

Eliminates Jolts

WHEREVER a road crosses railway tracks, this light weight steel cross- ing belongs.

It will fit any standard-gage track, it can be put down or taken up by one workman in thirty minutes, or in case of repair work it can be adjusted to a skeleton track in ten minutes with sufficient security to allow teams, automo- biles and other heavy traffic to pass safely. Its surface is such that mud, snow, gravel, sleet or ice cannot get a purchase, yet its knobs prevent level space between horses from slipping,

sloping surface to the road It eliminates jolting.

��� �