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The Latest Device for Easy Entrance to Automobile Doors

��THE last word in easy-entrance auto- mobile doors permits direct entrance to both the front and rear seats of a close-coupled four-passenger roadster. The special feature of the design is the fact that one-half of the front seat opens with the door. When closed, the division in the seat appears as a fold in the ■ upholstery.

The door may be opened from either the front or rear seat. It is provided with a safety lock to pre- vent its opening of its own accord while the car is in motion. It is

hinged on two heavy concealed hinges at the front and runs in a track so that it cannot spring out of position.

��4,000 lbs, meat 1 ,400 lbs. of sugar 1,200 lbs. beans 1,500 loaves of bread 400 lbs. of coffee

��50 bags of potatoes 100 lbs. of tea 300 gals, of milk 500 lbs. of butter 600 lbs. of oatmeal

���The Largest Traveling Kitchen in the World

THE ordinary dining-car, compact as a watch in its arrangement, can feed thirty persons at one sitting. The commis- sary car illustrated, which is the type used by Canada in transporting her troops, can feed 1,200 men at one sitting, and the food can be served in fifteen minutes.

The Canadian commis- sary car is the largest travel- ing kitchen in the world. It is eighty feet long, has a full- size hotel range, steam- cooking apparatus, and sixty-foot refrigerator space and store room capacity for tons of provisions. Eight cooks work in it without interfering with each other.

A battalion of 1,200 men en route from Camp Borden, Ontario, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, consumes:

��In the movement of a battalion, two com- missary cars are used, the military special being run in two sections. The big dining- car is placed in the center. of the train in order that it may be readily accessible to the waiters, who enter it from both front and rear.

As soon as the first two W coaches have been supplied, two more squads of waiters arrive until all are served. Within fifteen minutes after the dinner bell has been sounded the men are all busy with their meal.

Along the wide kitchen counter are spread the various portions of food. If it is breakfast time and the morning menu calls for oat- meal, meats, potatoes, bread and butter, jam and coffee, the food is served about as follows: — Two men take the big trays of meats and potatoes, another the bread, coffee, and so on, until all the food has been carried away on the trays.

��One half of the front seat opens with the door, making easy entrance to front and rear

���The kitchen of the Canadian commissary car. It accommodates eight cooks. Food for 1,200 men can be served in fifteen minutes

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