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Put Your Flowers Outdoors on This per cent of their passenger cars and two- Adjustable Window Shelf ten A th 5 Pf cent of th . eir fu r 11 equipment.

A field army consists of three infantry

ITH a new adjustable window-shelf divisions, one cavalry division and a

invented by Earle H. Bartlett, of brigade technically known as a brigade


��Kansas City, Missouri, flower pots can be placed outside the windows with perfect safety, provided city ordinances al- low it. •

The shelf permits the window sash to be raised or lowered. Besides, it can be attached to ledges or stools of various sizes, a bracket support compensating for different widths and maintaining the shelf in the proper horizontal position. The shelf is fastened to the window ledge by screws and a metal strip so that the window-sash can be raised without striking it. To support the front por- tion of the shelf there is a brace or bracket with a wing-bolt


��and slot connection, as the illustration shows. This arrangement allows the shelf to be adjusted up or down to fit the different widths of ledges, a plate on the bottom of the shelf being rigidly secured when the wing-bolt is turned.

��of field army troops — troops auxiliary to the infantry and cavalry di- visions.

Railroad equipment re- quired to move various organizations of the army at war strength is as fol- lows: Infantry regiment — 55 officers, 1,896 men, 177 animals, 22 vehicles — total of 85 cars. Cavalry regiment — 54 officers, 1,284 men, 1,436 animals, 26 vehicles; 150 cars. Ar- tillery regiment — light — 45 officers, 1,170 men, 1. 1 57 animals, 32 vehicles, 24 guns; 170 cars. Artil- lery regiment, horse — 45 officers, 1,173 men, 1,571 animals, 35 vehicles, 24 guns; 194 cars. Artillery regiment, mountain — 45 officers,- 1,150 men, 1,229 animals, 24 guns ; 124 cars. Engineers, pioneer battalion — 16 officers, 502 men, 165 ani- mals, 12 vehicles; 38 cars. Signal corps, field battalion — 9 officers, 171 men, 206 animals, 15 vehicles; 28 cars.

��An adjustable window shelf which can fit any ledge and be kept in the proper horizontal position

��Figures That Give an Idea of the Task of Trans- porting Our Armies

SOME idea of the enormity of the task of moving the great bodies of United States troops to be raised may be' gained from the following fig- ures: 6,229 cars are necessary to transport an army of 80,000 men. These cars would be made up into 366 trains with as many locomotives. There would have to be 2,115 passenger coaches, 385 baggage, 1,055 box, 1,899 stock and 775 flat cars.

This quantity of equipment represents seven - tenths per cent of the locomotives owned by American railroads, 4.2

���Can you tell at a glance what is wrong with this soldier ?

��A Sculptor's Error in a Famous Military Group

WHENEVER there is a military parade in Wash- ington, D. C, and the soldiers or others who have had mili- tary experience are in the vicinity of the magnificent statue of General Sherman, which stands just south of the Treasury, there is sure to be comment on the blunder which the sculptor made in connec- tion with the equipment of the figures at the base of the statue. The blanket roll, which is prop- erly carried over the left shoul- der by soldiers, is here shown over the right shoulder, where, as even the small boys know nowadays, it would interfere with the gun.

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