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���Horseshoe calks in rim of mower wheel

��Never- Slip Calks Used on Lawn-Mower Wheels

THE wheels on a campus lawn-mower drawn by a horse became so smooth thai it was impossible to cut long grass with it, because the wheels would slide. The trouble was overcome in a satis- factory manner by using the never-slip calks that are ap- plied to horseshoes. Twelve of the calks were put in the rim of each wheel. The calks are small and will not tear up the turf, and they give plenty of tractive ef- fect for the ordinary cutter reel in long grass.

Three Methods for Finding a Chosen Card

FOR this trick the chosen card must be worked to the top of the pack. If it is there already, well and good ; but if not, it must be brought there by some means or other. This is generally an easy matter, even without sleight of hand, and can usually be effected under the pretense of looking through the pack. When the card is once at the top a false shuffle may be given, to throw the onlookers off the track. Then push the top card out sideways beyond the rest of the cards. Let the pack fall on the table. The resistance of the air will cause the top card to turn over and appear face upwards, all the other cards remaining face downwards.

Another method is as follows: Get the chosen card to the top of the pack. Slightly moisten the first and second fingers of the right hand, and take hold of the pack with the fingers above, thumb below. Jerk the hand containing the pack smartly down-

��wards, at the same time relaxing the fingers, and it will be found that the entire pack falls to the floor, with the exception of the chosen card, which will stick to the moistened fingers. This will be the only card left and the card selected.

The third method is very similar to the preceding. The chosen card is worked to the bottom of the pack. Moisten the fingers slightly and take hold of the pack with the fingers below, thumb above. With the disengaged hand strike the pack smartly and at the same moment slightly relax your hold on the pack. It will be found that the entire pack will fall to the floor with the exception of the bottom card which adheres to the fingers.

��Making a Push Cart Oil Sprinkler for Dusty Drives

IN mid-summer when the suburbanite is confronted with dusty driveways and walks, he will appreciate an acquaintance with the home-made oil sprinkler shown in

���An oil barrel swung between a pair of wheels and piped to make a sprinkler device

the illustration. It consists of a steel frame mounted on wheels, that carries an ordinary oil barrel. Inserted in the bung of the barrel is a short piece of pipe


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