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Making a Durable Playhouse for the Children

��THIS is really a young contractor's job, and the boy building it will have something to be proud of. When complete

��The setting of the door is no difficult task as the hinges are gained in and the lock attached in the usual way. The win- dow sash may be put in like the ordinary kind or swung on hinges like a casement window. The lattice may be arranged as



��Elevation and plan view of a children's playhouse that is so simple in design that any intelligent boy with a talent for carpentry can begin his contractor's career by building it for his sister

��as shown it makes an ideal playhouse for the children. The manner of construction is that employed for any house with the exception that it is not plastered or lined in any way, the studs and rafters being exposed. As window and outdoor frames, the door and window sash can be purchased, the actual building is not very difficult. The sills are built up of 2 by 6-in. material, as shown in the detail. The studdings are 7 ft. 4 in. long. A plate is placed on top for the rafters. There will be required 12 pairs of rafters 7^ ft. long.

The location should be level and stone or brick piers should be built up a short distance for keeping the sills from the ground. The porch is a mere extension of the floor within. Both are built up in one piece. The floor plate is then run across 33^ ft. from one end or the line of the house end. The roof extends over the same as the floor. The following is the list pf materials needed:

400 ft. of 2 by 4-in. studding and rafter material.

100 ft. of 4-in. flooring.

605 ft. of shiplap sheathing. 30 lineal feet of 8-in. and 30 lineal feet of 6-in. finish lumber.

160 lineal feet of 2 -in. strips for the lattice on porch.

130 lineal feet of 2 by 6-in. dimension stock for joists and sills. 8 bunches of shingles.

2 double frames for side windows. 1 single frame for the end window. 1 door frame.

5 window sash.

3 door, hardware.

��shown or in any manner to suit the personal tastes of the builder. — W. E. Frudden.

��Mixing a Durable Water Color Aluminum Paint

TO make a water color aluminum paint dissolve some gum shellac in borax water strong enough to dissolve the shellac, adding enough bronze powder to make the paint. Add a little aniline for color, if color is desired, or the plain bronze, using a very little glycerine to make the paint more flexible. This paint is bright, durable, and waterproof.

��An Old Cake Tin Makes a Good Watering Pan for the Poultry Yard

A CHEAP and satisfactory watering pan for the poultry yard can be made of an ordinary funnel cake pan. Secure the pan to the ground by driving a stake through the funnel hole and into the earth. It is easily changed to any desirable spot, cannot be tipped over and will serve a dozen or more chicks at one time without danger of hurting them. — Jennie McCoy.

���Holding stake driven through hole in pan

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