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��A Plumbing System for the Farm Residence

THE important points to be considered in the arrangement of a plumbing system are durability of material and construction, and simplicity. Avoid any complication of pipes, and arrange the water pipes so as to carry the water to the point of discharge in as nearly a straight line as possible. The use of lead pipes or lead lines and receptacles for drinking water should be avoided in small private systems.

The main pipe from the supply system should be about i34 m - an d never less than I in. in diameter. It leads to the kitchen range and then branches. One branch conveys water through the heater, through the hot water tank, and thence to the hot water fixtures. The hot water pipes should run parallel with the cold water pipe, but should not be so close to it that the temperature of either will be affected. The arrangement of water pipes, hot water tank, etc., is shown in

����of travel for the hot water is upward., and this should be aided, in arranging the hot water pipes, as much as possible.

The sizes of the pipes generally used for supplying water to the various fixtures are given in the table below:

All water pipes should have sufficient slant to drain them back into the tank or drainage system, and a drain pipe and cock should be provided at the low point in the system, so that in extremely cold weather the system may be drained into the sewer or





��The arrangement of water pipes and hot water tanks for a plumbing system in which a pressure tank is used to force water through the pipes

��the illustration. The hot water pipes are shown in black. All water pipes should be put in with red lead in the threads of the joints and all fittings should be screwed up tight. The natural direction


��To bath cocks

To basin cocks

To water closet flush tank . To water closet flush valve. To water closet flush pipes.

To kitchen sinks

To pantry sinks

To slop sinks










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��drainage system to prevent freezing. This necessitates a stop-cock on the pressure- tank outlet to prevent draining the tank.

Pipes should be kept from the outer walls to prevent freezing. Those located where they are in danger of freezing should be boxed in sawdust or some other non- conducting material.

Since a plentiful supply of hot water is desirable and a large quantity retains heat for some time, it is well to provide a fairly large hot-water tank. However, the size of boiler depends on the existing condi- tions, such as the water supply and the size of the building. A safe rule istoallowa35or 40-gal. boiler to a building having one bath-

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