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Making Motor-Car Bodies to Order

��There are styles in automobile bodies just there are in mi- lady's gowns. Here the pattern plotters are shown at work

��Wives of million- aires have car bodies built to order, with inte- rior linings that can be changed whenever desired to match a gown

���Above: Setting up the body after the various parts have been cut to order. The next opera- tion is to glue the parts securely together

��Fitting the aluminum overcoat on the skele- ton body of white ash. The fit must be made absolutely perfect to with- stand the vibration

���Putting the fin- ishing touches on a limousine body. None but an expert is trusted with this important task

���A body, with its aluminum over- coat, turned upside down for a part of the fitting operation

��Special workmen attaching the trimming and upholstery to a modern high-priced car


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