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And the Inventors Never Cracked a Smile

���Rockers more than ordinarily accommodating. The one at left above is a veritable rocking horse. The other has an additional rocker to prevent it from rocking

��One of the fountain pens above was. in- vented in 1847. The ink was contained in the bulb section and sent down to the point by pres- sure on the piston rod. Note the two- pointed pen and the pen with leather finger loops

��The chair below is a life - saving device made of zinc. When the ship sinks you float off into the water still seated and enjoying your paper and cigar

���Patented 'way back in '57, for floating horses across streams. Four bladders, inflated with air, are strap- ped to the to buoy him up

��To get those highboots of '61 off, bootjacks were used. The chair has a kind of oarlock for this purpose and the shoe has a brass projection which slips back into a groove in the leather heel when not in use


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