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��The More Fruit You Eat the Less Water You Need Drink

MOST fruits contain from 75 to 95 per cent water, and a balance of woody fiber, or cellulose, fruit sugar and minerals. Thus the free use of fruit daily, insures a greater supply of water to the body.

The cellulose of the fruit supplies bulk and a mechanical stimulation which pro- motes waste elimination. Acid fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, and most ber- ries, contain a certain chemical compound called "vitamines," in a very stable form. These vitamines are believed to purify the blood and to prevent scurvy and various skin diseases.

��Do Your Telephoning While Riding On a Trolley-Car

WHAT an advantage to be able to telephone from a moving train! Sup- pose you want to warn your wife that you are bringing a friend home dinner. How easy, if you could take down a receiver in the trolley-car and break the news to her while you are yet afar off. Or, maybe you are a detective and have spotted a long-sought crim- inal. A telephone would enable you to communicate with headquarters at once.

At any rate, L. Zsitovs- zky of Philadelphia, has shown that this can be done by inventing an ap- paratus attachable to an ordinary trolley-car. In addition to the regular feed wire above are two other parallel wires for the transmission of messages. Contact is effected by small trolleys similar to the large trolley. The two wheels are mounted on arms con- necting with a split collar, attached to the end of a metal pole on the top of the car.

The wires pass down through the pole and enter the telephone instruments in the ordinary way. They are arranged below the feed wire as a means of protection.

����The train - telephone. The telephone wire is arranged below the trolley feed wire

��The lock fits over the porcelain terminal that extends from the magneto case

A Lock Which Makes the Ford Car Thief Proof

POLICE statistics show that thieves are constantly steal- ing Fords. There are plenty to select from and they are easy to dispose of. The lock illustrated bids fair to reduce to a marked extent the get-aways. It shuts off the ignition at its source. The design and location of the Ford magneto lends itself readily to the posi- tioning of the device. The lower end of the cartridge fits over the porcelain ter- minal that extends from the magneto case, while the top of the lock extends through a hole in the floor of the car which places the device conveniently under the coil box on the dash.

By pressing the small lever down with the foot, the engine is shut off and the ignition system locked. A special serial key is re- quired to unlock and place the system in operation. When locked it is impossi- ble to make a new connec- tion with the magneto, since forcing the lock from its support will destroy the connections and render the magneto inactive.

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