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Turning a Page of This Biggest Bible Is Like Opening a Trap -Door

���AMAN- uscript Bible meas- uring five feet two inches by three feet ten inches has been prepared for a Bible cru- sade by the Oxford Uni- v e r s i t y Press. When open, the book meas- ures seven feet ten inches. 1 1 is so big and bulky that a spe- cial steel framework is necessary to keep it in shape. Turning one page is like pulling up a trap door, only the page is much lighter than a door. On the other hand, the cover of the Bible, which appears very distinctly in the ac- companying photograph, is heavy. It weighs as much as twenty good-sized books. Twelve thousand persons have been en- gaged in preparing the Bible. Perhaps a hundred thousand will have helped before it is completed.

A Spring Big Enough for an Auto- mobile Two Blocks Long

AN automobile spring forty-five feet l long is used by a Seattle factory as an advertising sign. It is built of the same materials as an ordinary spring, and the workmanship is as accurate as in a spring of the usual size. If put to actual use the spring shown

��A Bible big enough for a family of giants. Twelve thousand persons have been engaged in preparing it

��ten times that of the ordinary pleasure car. At the present time the spring occupies

a position above the roof of the factory.

Here it at- tracts about as much at- tention as it did when a score of workmen were busy constructing it. When asked for what pur- pose the spring was being made, a workman facetiously remarked, "For a car to carry the man who wore the seven-league boots."

��Leave the Gathering of Mushrooms to an Expert Who Knows Them

ACCORDING to specialists in the ±~\ United States Department of Agri- culture, there is no simple and infallible test for distinguishing between edible and poisonous mushrooms. The only safe mush- rooms to eat are those that have been gathered by a collector who knows his business.

The most common edible mushroom is the Agaricus campestris. Its cap is fleshy and hemispherical at first but later becomes expanded and nearly flat. It is smooth and light brown or white in color. The gills are white at first, later pink, and finally a blackish-brown. The stem is stout, smooth and furnished with a ring. It is readily recognized ; but before the gills turn color it might be confused with the Amanita, a poisonous variety.

���would fit an au- tomobile more than two hun- dred feet long and would sup- port a weight

��A spring big enough to support the combined weight of ten pleasure cars is used as an advertising sign by a Seattle factory

��The gills of the Amanita remain white. The safe rule is to gather only those with colored gills.

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