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���When folded up the cover is placed in- side the casing. At right : The rear seat full of luggage

��A Dust-Proof Cover to Keep the Automobile Luggage Clean

THE luggage which you are carrying in the rear seat of your automobile need not be exposed to dust and rain if you use a cover recently designed by Arthur Paulson, of New York city. It is inexpen- sive and convenient. When stretched over the rear of the car, covering the entire rear seat and the floor space in front of it, as one of the accompanying illustrations shows, it will protect everything that you carry from the dust of the road.

The cover consists of leather or rubberized canvas which has the shape of the rear portion of the car. Ordinarily, the cover is folded and is stored away in the cloth casing which surrounds the automobile top when it is folded away in the rear. One end of it is attached by fasteners to the edge of the casing. When it is to be used, one pull will suffice to bring it out from its posi- tion under the casing. After the luggage has been placed

��By means of a dozen fasteners the cover can be se- cured in position easily and quickly

��in position on the floor and on the seat, the cover is made fast by attaching it to fasteners placed on the cover top, the doors of the automobile and the back of the front seat. In addition to keeping your luggage clean, the cover protects it from thieves.


��A Little "Safety First" Device for the Bill Folder

NEW bill folder has been de- signed which will stick as close to you as your coat itself. It has a snug-fitting clamping de- vice which holds it flat and fastens it to the inside of the pocket so that it will not fall out when the wearer is stooping and will not re- spond to the magnetic fingers of the pickpocket. When the owner himself wishes to remove the bill folder from the pocket he simply presses on the long outer bar of the clamp and releases the folder from the pressure. It then slips out easily and is as readily replaced. The device does not in- terfere with the comfort of With the safety device the folder the wearer when he is sit- can not fall out or be stolen ting down.

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