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If You Lisp or Stammer Train Your self with a Mirror or a Candle

��1ISPING and j stammering are separate imper- fections of speech which require en- tirely different treatment.

Lispers, for in- stance, can be cured in a short time by tongue and palate gymnastics. They "lithp" simply be- cause they do not work their tongue and palate proper- ly. By making the child speak before a mirror, however, the teacher can correct these mistakes.

Stammering is a nervous disorder which cannot be cured so easily. The pupil involuntarily applies too much force at certain parts of the vocal organs, caus- ing the stuttering and a sputtering with which we all are familiar. The cure is to relieve the over- worked parts by distributing the energy evenly. This is learned by pronouncing certain flowing sounds in front of a candle until the flame does not flicker.

���graphic plate only one such impression, or image, can be obtained. With the motion picture film, however, a fresh piece of film is continually ex- posed to the lens. Just such an ar- rangement exists in the human eye. An emulsion called vis- ual purple acts as a film of great lati- tude, renewing it- self as soon as it is struck by the light and discolored. It adapts itself to various intensities of light, protecting the retina from too brilliant a glare at all times.

��Above: Practising breath control with a candle flame. Below: Tongue and palate gymnastics before a mirror

��The Original Motion Picture Film — It Is in the Human Eye

THAT the human eye and the photo- graphic lens are very much alike in design and operation is a well known fact. If you look through a photographic lens you will see nothing clearly. To perceive the image a piece of ground glass or a plate of film is necessary. A plate is a piece of plain glass which acts as a support for an emulsion. This emulsion decomposes when struck by light, and the decomposition is made visible by a process called develop- ment. With an ordinary photo-

��A Self-inflicted Tug- of-War to Increase Your Height

TO increase the height by a stretching pro- cess, to vivify the spine and stimulate the nerves — these are the purposes of an odd machine known as the pandiculator, invented by a chiropractic specialist for use in the practice of that method of treatment. The apparatus is simple, consisting of a couch with a headpiece and a foot rest that can be extended by the operation of a cog and ratchet device at the side. The person who wishes to. increase his or her height is fastened in the machine and the stretching is done by turning the ratchet.

It is extremely doubtful if the machine illustrated could do more than exercise the neck and abdominal muscles.

���After you are strapped in the machine you stretch yourself as strenuously as you like by pulling the ratchet device at the side

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