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Indian Art Is Not Limited to Basketry

��The Indians of South America are so intermixed with the Spanish and other Europeans that there are few true to type. But in the mountain regions there are many reminders of the primitive tribes. At left is shown a group of images of Colombian peasants carved from Seiba wood. These little figures are made in great quantities by the young gii 3 of Bogota, Colombia. They are very ac- curate in details of costume and expres- sion. Types such as these are com- mon among the tribes in portions of the upper Andea

���The South American Indians are adept at making pictures out of feathers. Above is shown a bird scene fashioned entirely from feathers of tropical birds. It represents twelve days' steady work

At left: Statue of a Colombian peasant woman. It is molded from a peculiarly hard wax which does not melt even in the tropical heat. The costume- even the cigar— is typical of the Chibcha Indians


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