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Dolling Up Your Ford

���A mirror carefully adjusted like the one at the side of this car will pre- vent rear collisions

��A choke coil which gives a good strong illumination at seven miles an hour without burning out the lights when going at twenty-five miles

��Here we have one of the few men who know where every Ford accessory be- longs. He is showing you a decoy in- strument board to humiliate your pocketbook, and a new- fangled automatic gage de- vice for the gasoline tank

���Rubber running boards are very convenient — at fifteen dollars a pair, thank you. But they wear well and are very easily kept clean

��Hand guards for doors eliminate ugly spots on the woodwork and break up the straight line at the side of the car

��A good shock absorber which prevents you from bouncing out of the car when it strikes a partic- ularly recistsnt obstacle. It is probr.bly the sim- plest device for the pur- pose on the market


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