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Two Ties in One— The Bow and the Four-in-Hand

��D. D. BAILEY, of Coffeyville, Kansas, has devised a method of saving his ties by combining his four-in-hands and bow ties in one tie. Thus he can wear the bow ties as four-in-hands, or the other way around.

His first efforts resulted in a folding tie, too bulky to be pract cal. Then he put one tie inside the other, making one serve as the padding of the other. That met all requirements. This method of combin- ing the ties by means of clasps eliminates all padding in the four- in-hand, because the bow tie takes the place of the pad- ding, and also elimi- nates all but the end of the four-in- hand itself. In the duo-tie there is little more material than in the regular four-in- hand. The under part of the tie does not show when worn, so that you could wear a green bow tie and a red end, if you wanted it that way or any other combination.

���power. Therefore, the piston rings are the soul of an automobile motor. The finest built motor with indifferent piston rings is an indifferent motor. Built to give a rated power, it loses that power if the piston rings do not conserve it.

When you select a piston ring for a motor, it is best to get a ring that is made of one piece. Since the piston of a gasoline engine has to work in its cylinder millions of times, the fewer parts there are the better. As a rule, the piston ring should be made of durable cast iron or steel.


��Tying a four-in-hand. When worn in this way the bow-tie portion is the padding

��Your Motor Is Known by the Piston Rings It Has

HOW far and how fast your automobile travels, depends upon the power emanating from the motor, and that power, in turn, depends upon the piston rings. Piston rings are inserted because they increase the motor power of the car, keep the compression at maximum and therefore out more power behind the drive of the piston itself. A good piston ring will touch the cylinder walls at all points, making an air-tight joint.

With all joints air-tight the gasoline concentrates its entire energy on the top of the piston head when it explodes. It is like the charge of powder behind a bullet in a rifle.

A poor piston ring, like an ill-fitting A holder that keeps your ties in shape by pressing

bullet, will lose much of its propulsive them tightly between boards clamped together

��It Holds and Presses

Your Tie at the

Same Time


necktie holder and press which takes the wrinkles out of your scarfs after you have worn them is the latest con- venience for the man who is particular about his- neckwear. The holder and press is of veneered maple. It

takes the wrinkles out of a scarf at the particular place where they have been caused, by stretch- ing that portion under spring wire clamps. The wide part of the tie is held in a press as well as the narrow part, strong wire springs holding the wooden members closely together. The holder may be hung on the wall, as a portion of the wire spring projects for. that purpose. Several ties can be accommodated in the holder at one time.

Pressed in this way, the ties are kept smooth without the sheen imparted by a hot iron.

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