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Housekeeping Made Easy

��Below: A strip of lead ribbon about one inch wide, bent so that it will hold flowers upright in a shallow bowl filled with water. It is used for table deco- ration and is in- tended for small, short - stemmed cut flowers

����A convenient indoor clothes-dryer. It is suspended from the ceiling by ropes and pulleys so that it may be lowered to within easy reach and then drawn up again to the ceiling where the clothes are out of the way and where the warmest air is encountered

��A chair seat with a cushioned coiled spring

���Below: An egg poacher that takes care of two eggs at a time. A slide bottom makes it possi- ble tolifttheeggs out of the water and drop them directly on the prepared toast without spoiling their shape

���This non - tilt picture hanger has three points of suspension


���An electric iron with a hinge joint which keeps the pipe out of the way

��This electric student's lamp has a miniature cabinet as its base holding stationery, pens, stamps, etc.

��A registering disk for the nickel - in - the - slot tele- phone. It checks the number and length of calls


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