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���More than two thousand pieces of old boiler tubing were welded to make ten miles of continuous pipe flooring without screwed fittings or joints

��Welding Ten Miles of Pipe for a Skating Rink

TO make ten miles of continuous pipe was the problem that confronted the builders of a large ice-skating rink at San Francisco. Investigation had shown that in many ice rinks where ammonia sys- tems were built with screwed fit tings, leaks frequently developed in joints supposed to be leak- proof and trouble-proof. The result was shut-downs for re- pairs and a subsequent finan- cial loss to the management. Oxy - acetylene welding not only made the San Francisco ice rink leak- proof but it made possible a remarkable saving in the purchase of pipe. Instead of using new pipe, fifty-five thousand feet of two-inch "used" boiler tubing was purchased at a saving of twenty per cent over the cost of new galvanized pipe. The floor is two hundred and ten feet long and ninety feet wide. The welded portions number considerably more than two thousand. This plan elimi- nated all fear of leaks and proved entirely satisfactory.

���The rubber and felt parts of the device for cleaning and dry- ing the razor blades

��A Convenient Device for Keeping Your Razor Blades Clean

IT takes nearly as much time to remove safety razor blades, clean and replace them after using, as it does to shave. And if a man's in a hurry, there is an imminent danger of cutting the towel — or his fingers — in the operations.

A device which will save both your time and your temper and eliminate the danger of cutting your hands, is shown in the accompanying illus- trations. Two pieces of spring brass, which are riveted together, hold a rubber pad on one end and a felt pad on the other. Two strokes on the rubber pad will clean your razor blade, while two more on the felt pad will dry it per- fectly, leaving it clean and bright as when new.

The convenience of this device makes it unnecessary for anyone to neglect to clean and dry his blades, however great may be his hurry. This means that the blades will be kept from rusting, and will last considerably longer in consequence.

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