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It Has Stopped Raining? Then Pack Your Water- proof in Your Bag

A RAIN coat suitable for the traveler weighs only thirty-two ounces and folds into a neat envelope when not in use. It is also useful to the motorist and to others who feel the need of being protected against in- clement weather and wish to avoid carry- ing heavy garments. Though light the rain coat makes a smart appearance, and it is so small when folded that you can pack it away in your handbag. j A special bag is pro- vided for it, however, which is neat and incon- spicuous.

��Popular Science Monthly

���When not in use the rain coat folds into a neat envelope

��What You Will Need When

You Go to the Training


F you happen to be one of the fortunate ones chosen to be transformed into officers at one of the training camps, your first impulse will probably be to pur- chase a nifty uniform, two or three pairs of classy looking shoes and a supply of vari- colored ties and socks. But nip that impulse in the bud. There are few things you will really need at camp and most of these will be supplied you by your loving Uncle Sam; or if you must pur- chase them, you can buy them from the Govern- ment for much less than

��Bomb Exits for America's First Portable Hospital

��from the trade. The things you will really need and which the Government does not supply are towels and plenty of handkerchiefs. It would be

IN the heart of New York city there are a advisable, too, to take with you a pair of number of trim frame buildings which slippers and a light bathrobe. A raincoat

form America's ; might be made

first portable ""■*> ^_^ ^ -*•" f 0&* *"~ ~^^^Kk Hi to serve instead

hospital. The "**'**' $* ^^^^^k ^^ °f a Dat hrobe

buildings are y3 ■ ■ H * ^^^m^mm ana - answer its

constructed so *•' * ' ^^^///00^k own purpose as

that they can ^flfltfSKSS well. Have a

be taken apart £M| light roll

and set up in ___— stocked with

another city I "-J^^i l your own pri-

within two a^E SSEftiKi vate toilet arti-

d a y s . A 1 1 | IS cles, and supply

windows are |^ w, yourself with a

made so that mm Wkj^*l 1 I ; ~' fountain pen

the air is ad- ^^ * — ^!jf H8B anc * c °l° re d

mitted over the ^ r^^flijij| It crayons for

heads of the ^feb^^Rdfll map-drawing,

patients, pre- H^^l Cross entirely

venting a draft, Bbk^ ^ 5&1 °^ y° ur nst °^

and bomb exits B^ essentials the

are provided ftklJr^"""~~^ civilian suit,

every few feet. BPw* SlssS neck-ties and

The bomb exit IBHB wnite shirts,

is a section of : You will have

the wall which **m HHHKMfli

swings OUt The bomb exit which affords a quick escape for anything but

and drops. both the patients and the nurses of a war hospital your uniform.

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