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The Popular Science Monthly in the Schools

The modern teacher vitalizes his subject. He tries to show the applications of a scientific principle to daily life. The new machines and the new wonders of science are based on the fundamental principles ex- plained to pupils.

The Popular Science Monthly has aided teachers of Science and Manual Training in showing how the fundamental principles are applied in new discoveries and inventions.

Over 1,500 schools are now using the Popular Science Monthly for classroom instruction. Here are extracts from letters chosen from hundreds sent in by teachers. They are only a few of the many ex- pressions of appreciation received :

��I believe every teacher of mechanical science or manual training should use the Popular Science Monthly as a service book. My student? take a great interest in the lectures taken from it.

T. W. Kerley, Teacher of Manual ' Training, Estherville High School, Estherville, la.

The magazine was read more by the boys than any other on our reading table.

Ralph E. Roycroft, Detroit, Mich.

For use in supplementing a high school physics or chemistry course I think Popular Science Monthly has no superior in the line of current literature.

George E. Davis, Teacher of Physics and Chemistry, High School Institute, Mishawaka, hid.

Popular Science Monthly is very popular with our boys, in fact so much so we find they prefer reading the magazine to studying their regular school work. Personally I find the magazine helpful and interesting. New ideas are continually coming up within its covers, and suggestions for rearrangement of work.

L. D. Whiting, Supervisor, Manual and Physical Military Training, Fal- mouth, Mass.

��We use the Popular Science Monthly regularly in our depart- ment of the school, and many of the boys I notice bring in copies of it almost every month, and figure and work on some of the projects.

C. R. Bernard, Supervisor of Man- ual Arts, Salida High School, Salida, Colo.

Science is a living, vital subject. If one teacher more than another should be up to date it is the science teacher. I think that Popular Science Monthly is the best magazine on the market for supplementary science material.

Albert Early, Principal, High School, N.Plainfield, N.J.

The Popular Science Monthly taken by the school is literally read to pieces by the first year and third year pupils. It is referred to very fre- quently in class, and is of material help.

C. B. Roote, Headmaster, High School, Northampton, Mass.

The Popular Science Monthly is the most popular of all magazines, especially with the boys of the 8th- 9th-ioth years (highest grade and first two high school years) in school. Burt W. Alverson, Principal, High School, Dexter, N. Y.

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