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���The Traveling Shoe- Repair Shop

In the truck are units for stitching theoutsole, nailing soles and heels, trimming edges, finishing and stitching patches. There are four workbenches. All of the machines are run by power from the truck engine, which also charges the storage batteries for the lighting system. The trailer serves as a warehouse, as a clearing house for the shoes and as comfortable sleep- ing quarters for the eight men

��What Does an Army Need Most? "Shoes," said Napoleon

THE first traveling shoe-repairing equip- ment to be used by any of the armies of the world has been presented to the Massachusetts' troops of the United States Army by the United Shoe Machinery Com- pany, of Boston, Mass. The equipment, which consists of a motor-truck and a trailer, is fitted with special shoe machinery to permit a crew of six men to repair from four hundred to six hundred pairs of shoes a day. It is designed to go forward with the army as far as practicable and repair the shoes of the troops on the spot and thus elim- inate the cost of main- taining huge shops back of the lines and the cost of getting the shoes there and back again to the front line trenches after they have been repaired. The quick machine

��work of the motor-truck outfit has one great, advan- tage over the present method of sending the shoes to shops far in the rear, in that the soldier will always be sure to get his own par- ticular pair of shoes back after they have been re- paired. A soldier is as fussy about his shoes as he is about his tooth brush. When a pair is returned to him that does not fit, which is often the case under the present method, his fighting efficiency is greatly reduced and his marching ability impaired.

Since the truck and its trailer are like thousands of others used for hauling am- munition, men and food to the trenches, the shoe outfit is assured of getting as near the lines as is desirable in order to serve the troops effi- ciently. Again, the mobility of the truck will enable the

outfit to be withdrawn to safety quickly. The motor truck part of the outfit carries

all of the shoe-repairing machinery and the

trailer serves as a warehouse, as a clearing

house and as sleeping quarters.

��The spout at the bottom of the pouch serves as a trough down which the to- bacco slides di- rectly into the bowl of the pipe

���A Pouch Which Will Not Spill Your Tobacco

r I ^HE combined tobacco A pouch and pipe filler il- lustrated at left will prevent you losing even a little of your precious "fillings."

The pouch has a spout at

the bottom which serves as a

trough, and then doubles up

again and fastens over the

pouch opening. When

the pouch is opened

and slightly squeezed

the tobacco slides

down the trough into the


This pouch serves equally well, of course, for making cigarettes. In either case the operations are simplified and you will make a neat job of the filling.

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