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�Do It With Tools and Machinery

��The ring on the bot- tom of this oil gun makes it possible for you to pull out the indentation caused by the pres- sure on the bottom

����A universal counter- bore which can be used for boring holes, countersink- ing, hollow milling, drilling and facing

The center picture above shows a direct connected electric motor drive grinder in which one end of the arbor takes a wet wheel and' the other a dry one. It also has a con- venient catch basin

��A post-hole digger operated from the engine of an auto- mobile. It did the work of a dozen men

��Truing a journal on the shaft of a car truck without removing it from the car or tracks. The machine that did the work was run by compressed air

��At left: An orange juice extractor made frorr^a cast alumi- num tea ket- tle. The reamer turns inside of the kettle


��At right: An adjustable step form for concrete steps. It is easily set at the proper pitch and can be used by an amateur

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